Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji


  1. Fresh applicants will be interviewed by the Principal/ Vice Principal personally together with Parents/Guardians.
  2. Parents are earnestly requested to see that their children attend school punctually. They are expected to co-operate with the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking a general interest in the child’s progress. They should check the calendar regularly, note the remark and acknowledge the same promptly by placing their signature against the remark.
  3. The pupils who have been absent from school must give the reason in the leave record page of the calendar.
  4. Parents will apply in writing if children are required to go home during school hours.
  5. No pupil will leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal or Vice-Principal.
  6. No books, periodicals, pictures, newspapers or cassettes except those allowed by the school shall be brought into the school nor circulated without the permission of the Principal.
  7. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings by having them neatly labelled.
  8. Parents or Guardians are not allowed to see the children or interact the teachers during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  9. Catholic students have to compulsorily attend mass on 1st Friday (not compulsory for the non-catholics).
  10. Since English is the student’s language of study, in order to gain mastery it must be used in the school premises.


  1. The aim of the school is to impart academic, physical, moral and spiritual education with stress on catholic formation. Nevertheless, it shall respect the religious feelings and freedom of conscience of all its students.
  2. It aims to train the children to learn intelligently and to help them develop the qualities of co-operation and service so as to make them useful and worthy citizens of Mother India.
  3. It will cater for the co-curricular activities of a varied nature to promote the harmonious and all round development of the children.
  4. The course of studies is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Goa as well as the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
  5. The academic year is divided into two terms as per Grant-in-aid code/Education Act and relevant circulars. The first Term is from June to October and the Second Term from November to April


  1. A student has to have a minimum of 75% of attendance. Any absence has to be justified by parent’s letter and doctor’s certificate. Students who do not satisfy these conditions will not be promoted to Std XII.
  2. Every student must carry her/his identity card and shall produce the same on demand on the premises of the school.
  3. In case of doubt about marks scored by students in any exam, the concerned parent/guardian may ask for verification of the same in writing within four days of the declaration of the report. This application should be forwarded to the Principal together with a non refundable fee of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only). The finding will be final and binding.
  4. Unjustified absence in one or more subjects will involve loss of marks in those subjects and there is all possibility that the final average of the student may be affected and hence promotion hampered.
  5. Students are strictly prohibited from asking the teachers to communicate to them the marks which they have obtained in any examination, as the teachers knowledge of them is strictly confidential. Any breach of this rule will be severely dealt with.
  6. A student who uses unfair means during exams will be given zero and declared failed in that exam. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any student who tampers with marks in the report cards and other school documents including the school diary will be given a zero in the subjects of the concerned exams. Besides, the student will be asked to leave the school.
  7. Progress card showing the conduct, discipline, application of the student and the result will be given at the end of every test or examination. Parents/Guardians are expected to pay careful attention to the reports and return them to the Class teacher with their signatures.
  8. The results of the examination shall be final and will not be reconsidered.
  9. The final average is calculated by adding the marks obtained by the student at the quarterly examination.
  10. Parent/Guardian should personally come to collect the result. Results will not be handed over to sisters/brothers/cousins.
  11. Application for Leaving Certificate should be made in writing by the parents or guardian according to the proforma available in the office.
  12. No Leaving Certificate will be issued unless all schools dues are paid, library books, sports uniform returned and any damages are made good and applied in the prescribed form.


  1. Absence of one/two days shall be signed by the class teacher/co-teacher. Absence of more than two days will be signed by the Principal/Vice Principal.
  2. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without a leave note.
  3. A student absent for one lecture will be treated absent for the whole day.
  4. A student who does not reach in time for classes will be kept out for 1st lecture & also marked absent for the day.
  5. Except in the case of illness, or unforeseen circumstances no one is to absent himself/herself from the school without the prior permission of the Principal, applied for in writing. In case of illness of less than 4 days, the parent’s signature is enough. If the illness is longer a medical certificate is must. In case of infectious diseases medical certificate of fitness is essential. Students suffering from mumps/measles/chicken pox must observe the prescribed quarantine before returning to class. A sick student absenting himself/herself at any test or in exams has to produce a medical certificate and in case of death in the family a note from the parent/guardian.
  6. If leave note is not certified by the parent/guardian, the child may be sent home during class hours. He/She will be marked absent until the leave note is brought duly signed.
  7. All are expected to attend class on the opening day after each of the vacations and on the closing day before vacations. Those absent because of sickness must inform the school before or on the re-opening day and present a medical certificate failing which action will be taken otherwise student will be penalised. In case of siblings, separate leave notes are to be submitted for each.
  8. All  leave  notes  must  be  written  in  the  Calendar  on  the  allotted  pages  and  must  be  signed  by  the  Principal/ Vice-Principal/Class Teacher positively before the bell rings.
  9. No leave will be granted on 1st Fridays and all Saturdays except with prior permission.
  10. Continued absence without leave for 30 consecutive days renders a student’s name liable to be struck off the rolls. In such cases as a rule, the student will not be admitted.