Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji
The Academic Calendar 2020-2021
First Term  4th June (Thur) 2020 to 7th Nov (Sat) 2020
Second Term 30th Nov (Mon) 2020 to 30th April (Fri) 2021
Ganesh Break 21st Aug (Fri) 2020 to 27th Aug (Thur) 2020
Diwali Vacation 9th Nov (Mon) 2020 to 28th Nov (Sat) 2020
Christmas Break 24th Dec (Thur) 2020 to 2nd Jan (Sat) 2021
Summer Vacations 1st May (Sat) 2021 to 3rd June 2021 (Thur)
Note that the above schedule is tentative and is subject to change as and when notified by the Department of Education.