Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji
Exams & Activities for the Year 2019-2020
PTA General Body Meeting 27th July 2019
Formative I/Mid Term exam for Std XI & XII 29th July / 6th Aug 2019
Result of Formative I/Mid Term Exam 24th Aug 2019
Creativity Day 31st Aug 2019
Formative II/First Term Exam 14th Oct - 23rd Oct 2019
Formative III (only for XII) 23rd Nov 2019
Result of Formative II / First Term Exam 12th Dec - 20th Dec 2019
Youth Fest 28th and 29th Nov 2019
Christmas Celebration 21st Dec 2019
Prelims for Std XII 8th Jan - 19th Jan 2020
Results of Prelims and Farewell 31st Jan 2020
HSSC Board Practical Exam (Tentatively) (only for XII SC) 1st Feb 2020
HSSC Board Exam (Tentatively) 1st March 2020
Final Exam For Std XI (Tentatively) 2nd March 2020