Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji


"God redeems humanity and nature redeems itself.God alone is capable of liberating the light imprisoned in physical creation". It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate, Rosary Higher Secondary School for excellent results. Students you have brought honour to your parents and have contributed immensely towards the building of your nation we take pride and joy in your achievement.

Today, Students horizon has extended far beyond the conventional limits, you are playing a greater role to a larger extend by shaping the future and destiny of mankind. My dear students, it is essential that your actions are guided by sound qualities of mind and heart, and here at ROSARY’S we have the best staff as they lay the foundation for creating enlightened students as good citizens for the nation. Here we have educators as our best human resources and truly diverse at the same time. Here students also grow with mutual respect for each other. Our excellent result is a proof of hard work which has enabled us to reach great heights. Let us strive to keep the banner of Diocesan Society of Education flying high.

In the view of Covid-19 pandemic current extreme circumstances, our teachers have been imparted training by the Directorate of Education in collaboration with State Council of Education and Research Training .It is a challenge to the teachers to revisit the dissemination of knowledge and information. It will be great if this transformational model is achieved and incorporated in teaching profession along with efficiency, as the pandemic continues all over the country. We have to adjust to new ways of learning and in the pandemic situation let us hope with a confronting message "when it rains look for the rainbow, when it is dark, look for the stars".

May this academic year through our re-thinking and planning bring along surprises and opportunities to make our students EXCELLENT in their vocation and life at large .Awards will come but Education is awakening into mystery of Goa and his creation.