Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji


We are living in this most uncertain times of our life. Every area of life is very much unknown to human eye and the whole lifestyle of human beings has undergone a tremendous change.

Covid – 19 Pandemic has changed Education, online schooling or e- learning on various digital platforms has become order of the day. Everyone of us, parents, students, teachers, managements are challenged in this new normal times.

Inspite of all challenges, fears, anxieties, and struggles of present Covid – 19 Pandemic times, Rosary Higher Secondary School did not leave no stone unturned to be an institution of quality, excellence and empowerment. Team work, positive mindset, spirit of persistence, meticulous planning, dreaming big, power of resillience, smart work not just hardwork has been the Hallmark of this prominent and admirable institution.

We at Rosary Higher Secondary School (R.H.S.S) are determined to ensure inspite of Covid – 19 Pandemic constraints, curbs and fears to instill life enriching values, orienting students to be nation builders enabling to be life long learners and change makers. The Pandemic situation should not deter us to focus on greater things of life and to maximize our potential in achieving better results.