Rosary Higher Secondary School

Diocesan Society Of Education, Paco Patriarcal, Altinho Panaji
Role of PTA

1.      To bring about closer co-operation between the home and the Institution, with a view to create better educational environment, ultimately resulting in better academic and co-curricular achievements by the students.


2.      To organize social, civic, educational, recreational and other useful activities open to parents, teachers and students.


3.      To assist the Institution and defend the rights guaranteed in the Constitution of India.


4.      To unite the members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.


5.      To conduct activities for medical relief, scholarships and material aid such as books, shoes, etc to the poor and deserving students.


6.      To help ex-students to gain employment.


7.      To enter into and carry out joint arrangements for joint working of any other Association, Society or Institution having objectives similar to the objectives of this Institution.


8.      PTA has the right to raise funds by means of donation, lottery, souvenir and other activities.